Friday, December 11, 2009

FOR THE FIRST time, I decided to set out my grandparents' Hummel nativity set. It's a complete, mint condition, early 50s set so it's worth a bit, I reckon, though I don't know quite how much (and am a bit afraid to find out!).

My mom's cognitive abilities continue to decline -- I suspect this will be the last Christmas I have her here with me and wanted to set these out for her sake. Perhaps pointless, as I remember them well from when I was a small child but she does not recall them at all. None the less, I want to make the holiday as nice as possible. Every ornament I own is on the tree!

Eventually this Hummel set will probably pass on to some other family member. I doubt that I will ever display it again myself.

I haven't been getting much accomplished lately, other than maintaining things around here. Not much writing. Hard to get myself going in the studio (either studio, art or recording) too. I don't know if I'll get a song or two ready for the Willfest competition this year -- had a couple picked out but time is slipping away. Oh well, I'd probably be about as successful as in past years anyway.

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