Friday, January 22, 2010

I DID not mention in the previous post my mishaps arising from the extra-cold (for Florida) recent weather. I just haven't been in that sort of cold since I was a kid and did not take proper precautions to protect myself while I was outside in the early morning, in the cold, in the wind, pumping and hauling water. The result? Mild frostbite on my right hand.

It's healing. Hurts as the dead skin cracks and flakes, naturally, but the fingers themselves are feeling a lot better and I can finger pick (more or less) the guitar again.

Speaking of guitar, I picked up some mono fishing line to experiment with stringing up the various instruments for less money. In particular, the ukulele-sized banjo. I won't call it a banjolele because it has five strings like a real banjo. I've never been fond of its feel with metal banjo strings so I'm going to try the nylon. Might try it on the classical guitars too, especially the old cheap Hondo. I've been wondering how a 'Nashville tuning' would sound on a classical. Might be a useful sort of noise...

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L. 'Ailina Laranang said...

Indeed. Not to mention nylon strings last FOREVER. There are nylon strings on my dad's ukulele (from when it was first crafted in '69). I've never changed them. My hula teacher says, the older the strings, the richer the sound: "kani" they call it..."sweet sounding."

"banjolele"...I like it. Fingers, heal fast.