Friday, January 22, 2010

IT'S BEEN a quiet week at Peanut Road. Quiet a lot longer than a week, actually; just my daily routine of taking care of things as best I can. My mother continues to get along. She had a bit of an urinary infection last week but is past that now and about as good as can be expected. In the five years I cared for my father, I dealt with a lot of those infections. I do need to make sure she drinks enough and get some cranberry juice into her regularly.

Mom is not walking as well now. Definitely not up to shopping trips anymore so I have to get out to the grocery or wherever as the opportunity rises. Often in the middle of the night when she's asleep. Thank goodness for all-night Wal-marts (though whenever possible, I prefer to shop at the local Piggly-Wiggly or Winn-Dixie). It is true that her decreased mobility means I have to worry less about Mom wandering off if I'm not there to keep an eye on her. She never got further than the neighbors in her previous attempts to 'go home' or catch a street car.

On a completely different note, I've been downloading open-source software to play with. Open Office -- not an easy task getting that one with a slow and unreliable dial-up connection but I did manage it eventually. I'm not sure whether it's all that useful to me and probably no real advantage over using ordinary MS Works that comes on most PCs. The graphics program is, at best, a mediocre copy of Corel's Draw. I love Draw and have moved my copy from computer to computer over the past 9 years. I could see using the OO program if necessary, however. I'm more interested in the database and word processing. We'll see if they are a solution to maintaining a mailing list and such. Not that I need that business stuff right at the moment. Eventually!

Also downloaded and installed GIMP, which is a pretty decent Photo Shop-like graphics program. I'll probably take to using it since my copy of PhotoShop Elements won't work on anything newer than XP.

Once again moving things about in this place, starting with the music studio. Got rid of the old Kimball organ, which was not working very well anyway. Those old instruments are simply not worth fixing and no one really wants them when electronic keyboards are so inexpensive. There were a few mouse nests inside it. Stored pecans as well and a whole lot of mousy mess. I'm keeping the speakers and the spring reverb tank. Pulled what seems like a couple miles worth of wire out of it too. The rest is junk.

Having lived with the ceiling in there for while now, I've concluded that the system (plastic rails that attach directly to the beams) is not really acceptable. But I've learned what will work and can redo it one of these days. Not to mention the rest of the house.

It is looking good in there now, anyway. When I get things hooked back up and on shelves and so on, I'll try to take some pictures. And, of course, record some more.


L. 'Ailina Laranang said...

I know caring for an adult is much different from caring for a child, but I can relate to using the midnight hours to be productive. Best wishes for improvement in your mother's health.

Stephen B said...

I thank you for your wishes but recognize that my mother's Alzheimer's and general health will continue to decline. She is 91, after all. The most frustrating part is knowing there's nothing I can really do to 'fix' things.