Thursday, February 18, 2010

IT MAY have snowed less than a week ago but spring is back and I'm busy planting stuff. The greens I put in are coming up -- I should get a crop or two off of them before they bolt in the hot weather. Which comes early here!

Added four more blueberries to my patch, doubling its size. They seem to have thrived last year so I have hopes for berries in another year or two. The patch is about as large as I need or have room for so I won't add more. Though they will, of course, spread on their own some. I wish I remembered what varieties I planted last year (and which are which).

Also added another five mulberries to the row I started last spring. These are along the back way in -- which is actually down the south side but it leads to the back. Put in the freebie ash trees the nursery sent me along the south lot line too. I've been trying to grow some of the native wild cherries from seed to put there but as long as I have the ashes I might as well try them out. I have another couple of mulberries of a different variety on order; they'll go up closer to the house, probably by the bulb bed.

I'm giving the hazelnuts another try too. Haven't had much success with them here in the past but we'll see. I'd love to hedge the back line with them. And there are more Robin Hood Roses and Firethorn and figs on order. And pots full of nandinas I've grown myself. Lots to do in the upcoming weeks!


'Ailina said...

Sure am curious what you make with your berry varieties.

Stephen B said...

The mulberries are mostly for the birds so they (theoretically) leave the other stuff alone. And to provide a nice row of fast growing (again theoretically) trees. Blueberries -- cobbler, pie, sauce to pour over ice cream. The possibilities are endless!