Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It's the lesser of two evils,
The smaller of two sins,
Fate has left us no way out,
No way we can win.
There will be no going back
To what's already been;
Let's choose the lesser of two evils,
So we can start again.

vs 1.
It may be wrong, it may be right,
Who could ever say?
Neither one of us can find
Any other way.
The only thing I know for sure
Is that I cannot stay,
And that there is still the hope
For a better day.

We have given all that we can give,
Let's take tomorrow's promises and live.

vs 2.
You and I have our regrets
But love will sometimes die;
All that really matters is
We gave it our best try.
No telling why we grew apart,
No point in asking why;
Just let me kiss you one more time
Then we'll say good bye.

Stephen Brooke ©2010

Parts of this song must go back 20 years or so, as lines or phrases I jotted down. I've dabbled at writing it as a 'commercial' country song over the years. By now, of course, a song of this sort probably no longer be commercial! Anyway, much of the refrain and first verse were written ten to fifteen years ago.

So I pulled it out last year and messed with it, on and off, since. I think it's about as done as it deserves to be. It would not necessarily be performed in the order shown here, what with instrumental sections, repeats and so on. Assuming it actually were performed. Assuming I finished the music. It's really not 'me' anymore, as a writer.

Except for the bridge, which I wrote this morning! :)

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'Ailina said...

Oh yes. This reads quite tight and polished. I wouldn't touch it. Fine work. (Funny how we go back to pieces 10, 15, 20 years old and breathe life into them again.)