Thursday, February 11, 2010

my feet hate shoes
they give 'em the blues
set my toes free
let them be
out in the open
that's what I'm hopin'!

And soon! I'm a board shorts and flip-flops sort of guy and I can't take much more winter. Even Florida winter -- though here in Baja Alabama aka the Florida Panhandle it's colder than the peninsula. There is actually snow forecast for tomorrow night. I'll have to make sure I take photos if it actually happens as this is an event that happens once every twenty years or so.

But hey, it's going on mid-February and spring will be on the way. I got my bulb garden dug and replanted and put in a crop of greens too. By the end of the month I should be planting trees and berries and such. All my nursery orders are in and will be arriving over the next month or so. (In fact the first arrived at my door today.)

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