Saturday, February 27, 2010


Having figured out
the reason for existence,
answered all life's questions,
what reason have I
to exist anymore?

Oh, of course...
ice cream!

Stephen Brooke ©2010

Totally light-weight foolishness, just for the sake of posting something. Not that ice cream isn't as good an excuse as any to keep going!

Speaking of 'going,' I don't suppose I'll be going to the Will McLean Festival in a couple weeks. It kind of sucks being tied down -- not that I regret being in this caregiver situation -- as this will make the third year in a row that I'll miss it, after attending for five years (I think) in a row. The fact that it's been moved back south to the Sertoma Ranch just makes it even less likely.

So I'll miss seeing my folkie friends again this year. Shoot, I haven't even been able to get a Sunday afternoon arranged to go see Lucky Mud do their radio program in Panama. Maybe some other festival or event in the next few months will be possible. Of course, I really, really, hope to get to the Florida Folk Festival at the end of May, at least for one day. Missed it the first time last year in a long time. Since I'd started going in '01 -- that's when I was introduced to the Fla folk scene by my then girlfriend.

And it's been nice knowing these people. From my first folkie friends, Bettina Makley and Raven Stands Alone, right on down to all those I've met, in 'real' life or on line, since then. Anyway, I'll make the effort to get to White Springs this year. After all, my niece, 'Mean Mary' James will be performing again which gives me an extra incentive.

edit: oops, I pushed a 9 instead of a zero when I wrote how lone I'd been going to the Fla Folk Fest. It was 2001, not 1991! In '91 I was busy moving from Naples to Steinhatchee and playing country music.

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