Friday, February 12, 2010

SNOW DAY on Peanut Road

Florida snow is a pretty rare occurrence, even here in the Panhandle. I have seen only a few flakes since I left Ohio in '64 -- those were during the 'Storm of the Century' in 1993, down in Steinhatchee on the Big Bend Guld coast. Not much snow then but a pretty nasty (and deadly) weather event otherwise.

The forecast called for snow Friday morning and then it looked like it wasn't going to happen after all. But it did, it was just late! The rain started to turn to snow around 2:30 in the afternoon and tapered off into light rain by 4-ish. It may not have been much by the standards of folks up north but it certainly impressed us here.

Early on, a view from my front porch.

Really starting to come down now.

How many times in the past 70 years has there been snow on the roof of this old house?

Looking South across the fields.

And it's all over.

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Bob said...

We got snow here in NC too, about 4inches overnight... looked really pretty on the trees this morning when the sun was coming up.