Monday, March 29, 2010


It's summertime and I'm done with shoes;
Wearin' them gives me the blues.
But instead of singing me sad songs,
I'm just gonna slide on some thongs...
Hey, that's sandals;
Don't want no scandals!

But my thong tan line clearly shows,
Running right between my toes.
That's 'cause I wear them everywhere
Unless I go completely bare...
Foot, that is,
Oh, gee-whiz!

Sometimes I slip, sometimes I trip,
I'm wearing my flip-flops!
Here's a tip, don't try to skip
When wearing your flip-flops!
Buy a new pair and it's a bummer
If they don't last till the end of summer!
They wear and they rip but I wouldn't be hip
Without my flip-flops!

There are many ways for foot to meet ground
But flip-flops are as good as I've found.
I'm a son of the beach and it's the season,
Not that I ever needed a reason
To wear my flip-flops!
To wear my flip-flops!
Not loafers or high-tops!
Just good old flip-flops!

Stephen Brooke ©2010

Another silly song. There's a generic sort of tune floating around in my brain but I don't know if it's worth jotting it down. Might come up with something better if I ever come back to this piece and try to do something with it, but I have far too much stuff of this sort on hand. Shoot, I could write as many mediocre songs as Steve Allen if I applied myself.

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