Thursday, March 11, 2010

THERE WAS rain this morning. Maybe more later. Warm temperatures, too; spring has come to Peanut Road. The pear tree is thick with blossoms. It will put on far more fruit than I have the time or desire to deal with.

The three larger peach trees are also blooming for the first time. I'll be pinching off all or most of the fruit this first year, though, to encourage their growth. One is only a seedling I started, the other two varietals I bought last year. I've three more seedlings in the ground but they'll need a couple more years before they flower and are more for ornament than fruit anyway.

In the mean time, lots of digging and weeding and watering in preparation for the rest of my nursery orders to arrive. I would have preferred to already have everything in the ground here but so it goes when dealing with companies shipping from the north. I made a last-minute order for elderberries to see if I could get some going here. Don't know yet where I'll put them!

Life is somewhat uneventful now. A little spring cleaning going on and a lot of time going into my mom's care. There's a need to launder soiled linens and clothes pretty much every day; I suppose I'll have to consider adult diapers for her soon. At this time I'm pretty much bathing and dressing her, getting her into and out of chairs, bed, onto the potty and so on. How much longer I can manage this on my own, I don't know, but having made it through the winter it should be a little easier to manage now.

Unfortunately, my nearby sister is having her own health problems right now so she can be of no assistance (unable to drive). Whether I'll be able to travel any later in the spring is quite up in the air at this time. Still hoping to make it to the Florida Folk Festival at the end of May.

Btw, the weekend before the festival, 'Mean' Mary will be having her CD release party, up in Kentucky of all places. She should have plenty of them to bring to White Springs, however!

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