Thursday, May 13, 2010


We attempt to keep God in a box --
an ark of wood, a temple of stone,
a theology of words.

He will not fit, try as we may
to bend him, diminish him.
God is too large

for any box but our heart.

Stephen Brooke ©2010

A short and self-explanatory piece, free verse. Most of the lines came to me while I was out mowing (with my new Steve-propelled Brill reel mower!).

I've very much neglected posting here and will, no doubt, continue to do so. Just the way it is now. I realized a while ago that I have not written/emailed any of my friends since the start of this year. I used to correspond a lot but I can't seem to get interested in writing anyone at this point, much less maintain any sort of personal friendship. And the idea of being in a relationship right now is simply laughable.

Things do go on, however, and so will I. Mom's health is still reasonably good and I expect to be caring for her a while longer. I can always give more one-on-one attention to her than she would get in a nursing home and it's not any true burden (except maybe on the psyche).

I don't know if I'll be getting out and about any this spring and summer. Maybe I can manage a day at the Fla Folk Festival at the end of May but I'm not really hopeful.

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