Monday, May 31, 2010

IT WAS a rather uneventful Memorial Day weekend for me; the high point was grilling red potatoes with a mustard-olive oil marinade -- barbecuing, Lad style (i.e. vegetarian). The left-overs were almost as good cold this morning.

I did not get to White Springs, of course. To be honest, my back and hips are so sore right now I might have had trouble being mobile in the rather large Stephen Foster park. Overuse and muscle soreness, nothing permanently wrong with me (as I continue to claim...). I've been doing a lot of chopping (including using an axe to take down a good size oak tree) and mowing and carrying and barge-toting and bale-lifting. So I've had to lay off for a while.

Well, maybe the Florida Folk Festival will be on my itinerary next year. Maybe a lot of events I've missed the last couple years will be. What will be, que sera, etc.

The next best thing to hearing all the music live this weekend was being able to listen to Mean Mary's brand new CD, Walk a Little Ways With Me. Yes, I know it's incorrect usage. Tell my niece about it. But the music is purty good. My fave cut, I think, is The Choctawhatchee Waltz. Joy is good too, an instrumental take-off on Beethoven's Ode to Joy.

I hope she didn't get too wet at the Festival. I hear it poured just before she was supposed to go on Saturday evening. Probably wasn't conducive to having a large crowd at the Amphitheater!

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