Thursday, May 27, 2010


Should I choose to go bare,
eschewing underwear
beneath my kilt of plaid,
would that be so bad?

Surely there's no harm
and no cause for alarm,
if I promise not to flash
nor do aught else that's rash

and try to be
a gentleman
but I must go
regimental, man!

Briefs just don't feel right --
they bind, they're far too tight,
and those baggy boxers
went out with bobby-soxers!

I need to feel the breeze
waft above my knees,
and so I'll go without
but don't you ever doubt

I'll try to be
a gentleman
but I must go
regimental, man!

For to ones precious manhood
tight pants are detrimental;
that is why a man should
always go regimental

and try to be
a gentleman.
I must go
regimental, man!

Stephen Brooke ©2010

Another dopey song. Verse-verse-chorus-verse-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus, probably an instro break after second chorus. Assuming, of course, that one would actually perform such a bit of silliness.


Anonymous said...

haha. This one reminds me of a movie I saw a few scenes off last year out of the British "Carry On" films, which starred, along with others, Sidney James. I saw many of them in my youth and they are not on tv anymore, sadly. But they were hugely funny/bawdy. This little song of yours reminds me of "Carry On - Up the Khyber" (Pass). Some British soldiers had to wear kilts for the regimental dress - without the knickers of course. Well, one chap wore them and got into trouble for it. But you'd have to see that old movie. They were so great those comedies.

Stephen B said...

I've seen some of the Carry On series of films. Not that one, though. The movies used to pop up on the AMC cable channel but they don't carry that sort of film anymore. Not enough interested viewers, I suppose. And I don't bother with cable (or satellite) anymore, anyway.

I was actually thinking of certain Celtic/punk/rock bands that wear the kilt when I started writing.