Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ELECTRICAL problems continue to plague me here at Peanut Road. I've pretty much concluded, however, that the root of my troubles is a bad breaker going to the pump. For one thing, I've used it far too frequently to turn the pump on and off and quite possibly have worn it out. I've lost power to the pump three times in the last couple weeks; the first two times, simply flipping the breaker off and on brought it back but this time it took longer to restore.

Anyway, it was definitely interacting with the four circuits that have been intermittent. Arcing would seem likely -- I'm hoping they don't need replaced as well but, if so, I'm capable of changing out breakers. I'll get a new one in for the pump as soon as I can and see how things go. The four troublesome circuits are turned off until I do the replacement.

Of course, I'll check out what I can when I pull the old one, look for signs of burns or arcing under it, clean out any debris, etc. Replacing any or all breakers is one thing -- replacing the entire box I would have to leave to an expert elctrician, I think.

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