Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FOGGY DEW, part two

As mentioned a couple post back, I was looking at various versions of The Foggy Foggy Dew. And boy are there a lot of them! Having the internet available for research is both curse and blessing.

I found myself drawn to a certain story line (one of several and some of them quite contradictory) in which the couple in the song end up more-or-less happily married, though with a bit of a wink at the end. Did she, well, trap the young fellow and end his days of following the 'roving trade?' And did he willing collude with her? This variant I provisionally (though probably pretty much what I'll stick with) put together is slightly more graphic than the Burl Ives version but either one is really meant for an adult audience.


When I was a bachelor, young and alone,
I followed the roving trade
And the only thing I ever did that was wrong
was to court a servant maid.
I courted her all the summer long
And part of the winter too
Till the one cold night when I held her in my arms
To keep her from the foggy, foggy dew.

One night she came to my bedside
When I was fast asleep
She lay her head upon my breast
And did begin to weep
She wept, she moaned, she tore her hair
She cried what shall I do?
This night I must surely come to bed with you
For fear of the foggy foggy dew

All of the first part of that night
Was filled with lovers' play
And through the latter part of the night
She slept in my arms till day
When the daylight did appear
She cried I am undone
Oh, foolish girl, the foggy foggy dew
has gone with the morning sun

I loved that girl with all my heart,
I loved her as my life;
I took that girl and married her,
She became my lawful wife;
I never ask her of that night,
Nor ever intend to so do,
But every time she winks or she smiles
It reminds me of the foggy foggy dew.

arrangement by Stephen Brooke ©2010

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