Friday, June 04, 2010

IT'S ONCE AGAIN time for wasp stings and ant bites. Summer has come to Peanut Road!

And with summer, a lot of growth. It's been a good year, so far, for the trees and other plantings here. There's a lot of heat yet to come so we'll have to hold off on saying how successful I've been on some of them but rain is getting fairly regular which is all to the good.

It looks like I've finally gotten some hazelnuts to take hold here. Once established thoroughly, i.e. making it through this year, they should be fairly maintenance free. And a lot of the stuff I have going now I should be able to propagate via cuttings from here out rather than buying a lot of nursery stock. Not that I won't buy some more plants along the way, if need be. The elderberries are doing great. I wish I'd thought of putting them in a couple years back!

Some other plantings, not so well. I put in a row of Siberian Elms along the front last year, as they promised to be fast-growing and drought-resistant, but they simply are not holding up to the climate here. The Russian mulberries are only doing so-so as well but I have hopes for them to take hold.

Unfortunately, both the wisteria and the honeysuckle are doing TOO well and popping up all over the place. The honeysuckle would appear to be the Hall's (Japanese) variety and has gone wild in the abandoned pasture behind my place. Now it's invading the yard big-time. The grass grows just a little to vigorously too -- I can't keep up with it nor keep it out of the beds. In time, as I get more trees and beds going, I'll have less and less grass to deal with. I need more mulch too, I reckon.

* * *

I think I need an electrician. Preferably one who works for free! Some -- only some -- of the circuits in the house are a bit intermittent. Same four circuits, all at the same time. I can't seem to find any particular reason for it; doesn't seem related to moisture in the air, wind, or anything like that but it does happen mostly in the morning. Eventually perhaps I can afford to have someone look at it (or find the time to look into the wiring myself) but finances do not permit that at the moment. Nor getting the big oaks taken down nor the plumbing improved nor the roof fixed nor new siding nor...well, just about everything!

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