Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SO THINGS are so-so here. So it goes. Too damn hot (hey, that should be in a song) and some rain but not quite enough. Reckon I'd better get out early tomorrow with the hose and soak everything.

And the grass continues to grow quicker than I'll ever be able to mow it down. Not a big deal, I've more pressing concerns in my life. But as far as the lawn goes, I realized I'd just as soon have the honeysuckle invade it as have the grass so I'm not worrying any over that.

Finally took the cover off my breaker box to see if I could find the problem with my wiring. I knew the problem almost certainly had to be in the box itself simply because of the way four different circuits would cut out simultaneously. I also had suspicions all along that it was in some way related to the circuit that my pump (for the well) is on, suspicions that were proven today.

However, I could not actually find anything that looked 'wrong' in there, outside of an awful lot of gypsum dust from the dry wall. Rodents are to blame for that -- I hates them meeces to pieces! I checked all the connections and wires, cleaned out the dust, checked everything out at the pump too, just to be sure and, well, when I turned the power back on it all worked fine. Six hours later, still no problems. We'll see if it really is that simple or if I'm just being lulled into a false sense of security.

Peanut Road -- the site -- is in the process of transferring to the new registrars. I should have a page back in operation toward the end of the week and take it from there. Considered forwarding to domain to a blog or something but it's probably best just to have a home page on my main (Insolent Lad) site. I can always connect that to blogs or whatever. Maybe even a Facebook page.

In fact, I think I'm going to delete the Word Press blog I have at the Insolent Lad / Stephen Brooke site now. It's not a big deal installing stuff like that, PHP pages, bulletin boards, stores and so on, but I don't really think it's worth it to have them on-site when there are free alternatives available. Why waste space on my own site, not to mention having to deal with maintenance problems?

Only one domain left to transfer later this year and that would be Do I really want to keep that one? It may well be the least useful of the bunch. Unless I moved back to Steinhatchee! Deadman Bay is where the Steinhatchee flows into the Gulf. I won't say the Steinhatchee RIVER, even though that's what it's labeled on the maps, because that would be redundant. Hatchee, of course, means river in the Creek/Seminole language. But, hey, I'll probably find a use for it. Especially once it's paid for and I'll feel like I shouldn't waste the money!

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Stephen B said...

Well, the electrics are still problematic. Ran for about 18 hours without trouble but became intermittent around six this morning. Why it happens more in the morning I simply can't understand -- not dampness, as afternoon rains seem to have no effect.