Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Look at those pretty girls over there --
I see them and know that I should care.
Maybe I will, some other time;
Right now I wouldn't give a dime
For flirting and dancing and having fun,
My party's over before it's begun.
But don't you worry, I'll be all right;
I'm just here to drink some beer tonight.

Life felt different yesterday,
Before my girl went away.
I know the two of us are through;
All those things we used to do
Don't hold much interest now for me,
So won't you all just let me be.
I'm trying to forget with all my might
And I'm just here to drink some beer tonight

Don’t worry ‘bout me, I’m gonna be fine,
Just lovesick over that gal of mine --
She's gone away
But that's okay.
Couples all around me dancing,
I have no interest in romancing --
I'll sit right here
And drink some beer.

I know full well that she is gone
And I should be moving on;
All things must come to an end,
There's no hurt that will not mend.
Not much to do but sit and smile,
Let life pass me by a while.
Nothing I do will set things right,
So I'm just here to drink some beer tonight

Stephen Brooke ©2010

Yep, pretty much a full-blown Country song. Three verses, last line of each serving more-or-less as chorus, plus bridge. Bits of this lyric have been sitting in my notes for quite some time but the song came together over the last couple days. Not completely together, perhaps, there's always room for rewrites!

The saddle broke on the cheapo classical guitar sitting here beside my 'writing' computer so I haven't worked on the music any to speak of...should go in the other room and get another guitar, shouldn't I?

later: I went and got another instrument...music is getting sketched in okay.

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