Friday, June 04, 2010


I continue to move my domains before they expire from overpriced Yahoo to GoDaddy. The latest was -- figured I'd want that one for a long time so I bought nine years of ownership. The only name left at Yahoo, not counting insolentlad (bundled with Yahoo hosting, with which I'm reasonably satisfied) is I suppose I'll move it also before autumn; no sense in letting it go, even though I no longer live near Deadman Bay.

Probably the one I least needed was quelindamusic but I renewed it for six years, last year, so that's that. And it's not like they cost much.

There is also the peanutroad domain. I got that one through Microsoft, when they were giving away free domains with minimal-but-adequate websites a couple years ago. Now, they're going to start charging for the domains, still with websites attached, at a pretty reasonable price. I'd probably do well, though, to go ahead and transfer it too and redirect to pages at my Insolent Lad site. Again, there's no reason to let it go, even if it's not getting much use right now.

Just like the real Peanut Road. But things will inevitably change here.

On the subject of domains and websites, my sister Jean James and her young'ns, Mary and Frank, have a new site for their writing efforts, James Writers. Mary and Jean have sold their first co-written novel and needed a spiffy new spot on the internet to promote it.

I think maybe I need to do some serious spiffing up of my own sites!

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Anonymous said...

I'll be looking into buying some domain names in the future, because of my novel writing, like your sister has done.

I must say, Stephen, that at times we seem to have some things quite in common. I'm also a good 'filer' - making sure that I like things just-so and they are kept up to date.