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Friday, June 04, 2010

WHO'S TO blame for the Gulf oil spill? You and I are. Every time we gas up the car, every time we use plastic, we are telling BP and the other oil producers 'more please.' And cheaper, if possible.

Who's to blame for Mid-eastern based terrorism? Well, you and I again are aiding and abetting when we use oil and the products made from it. Oil is what makes the Mid-east most valuable at this time. It's what makes it wealthy and provides the funds for terrorist operations. If we stopped using their oil today, tomorrow they would return to an impoverished agrarian society. We wouldn't care about them and they wouldn't care about us.

Of course, we can't stop using oil. Not right away, anyway, but we need to work more quickly and more earnestly to reduce and eventually end our dependence on this source of energy. This is not just a 'do-gooder' environmentalist concern. It is also a matter of national security for the US (and many other countries around the world).

Not that there's anything wrong with doing good or being an environmentalist!

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