Saturday, July 24, 2010

MORE SONGS from the archives: as I continue to get them organized, I'll occasionally post something here that hasn't been posted before. This one's from way back in '91:


Feel so down, what could the trouble be?
All my friends been avoiding me
'Cause I'm such bad company.

Maybe it's me, maybe it's the season,
Somedays there just ain't no pleasin';
Feelin' down for no good reason.

Went to my mama, asked her what to do,
She said 'Boy, there's no hope for you;
Do believe you was born blue.'

Time for a change, time to get away,
Can't hang around here another day;
Kill me sure if I gotta stay.

Too much hurtin' here inside,
Stay down no matter what I tried;
Get in my car and start to ride.

Gonna leave, no more hangin' round,
Get myself out of this town;
Come back when I'm not so down.

Stephen Brooke ©1991

A 12 bar blues, though without the typical repeated lines, and based around a descending chord sequence (possibly played with a slide). It's an ok song, I s'pose, as a song. Also as a case study in depression!

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