Monday, July 26, 2010

morning arrived
in an envelope of fog~
no return address

A haiku-like piece. I'm not turning out much serious poetry right now, being somewhat focused on the songs. I'll get back to it, I'm sure. The song organizing project has led me into some of the poetry files too -- the two do overlap occasionally. I'll organize the thousands of poems someday!

I suppose the font thing that I wanted just right on the songs doesn't matter much on the poetry, but I am -- as with the songwriting -- saving or re-saving everything as rich text files rather than use some proprietary word processing program or another. An RTF will always be readable. While I'm getting the poems transfered I'll also choose a standard font for them, with Palatino Linotype being the front runner right now. I was a bit surprised to find out that it is installed on more computers than Times NR. Almost every computer, in fact.

* * *

It will, in as little as a couple weeks, be starting to cool down a tad. So it's time to start thinking about planting stuff in the late summer/early autumn season. I have a load of seedling peaches that came up this summer and they seem to hold up better than most trees I've purchased. Might as well get them into the ground. The Siberian Elms that had survived a year-and-a-half pretty much gave up in this last heat spell. They just aren't going to make it in the Florida panhandle.

The Robin Hood Roses aren't doing that great either. Certainly not as much growth as hoped. Surprisingly, the Rugosas -- which are not supposed to be as well suited to heat and drought -- have done better. I'll probably put in more of both this fall. Maybe more firethorn as well. It seems to hold up quite well.

As does the privet that grows wild everywhere. I have a number of volunteer plants I can move in the next month or so. If it's going to keep coming up, I'll make use of it. Nandinas, too. They'll do well about anywhere.

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