Sunday, July 11, 2010

OF FONTS and Peanuts: I've been once again (or still, perhaps) messing about with fonts. I decided I had far too many installed, at close to 700, although I was not noticing any problems to speak of. So I did a thorough uninstalling job and will try to keep myself at less that 200 henceforth. A good third of those are foreign characters and other special fonts that I probably do not need.

Of course, I kept most of my uninstalled font collection and have been trying to organize them somewhat. A collection does become unwieldy well before it approaches the thousand font mark. I'm noting some redundancy, the same font under more than one file name -- I'll get those sorted out in time, I suppose.

Assuming I don't keep finding new and interesting typography online and adding it!

One thing to which I've been giving my attention is monospace (fixed width) fonts, in particular as they apply to getting my songs all typed and printed out, both as lyrics and as text-plus-chords lead sheets. A fixed width type is very useful for getting the bars lined up without having to use tabs, therefore making the pages easy to share between people and computers and still look right. I decided a while back to use Vera Mons for this, as it was about the nicest looking and easiest reading mono I'd found, but most people don't have it installed. The widths may look alright in another font but the heights will be off (i.e. page breaks).

But Courier is installed on like 98 percent of all computers so it's the obvious choice. It looks...okay. And it is quite readable. Also slightly shorter characters so I can fit more on a page!

Therefore it is decreed that all song writing shall be in Courier from this time forward.

Naturally, after I made that decision I found a lovely fixed-width serif font online, called Elite (designed by Bob Ostrander, if you feel like Googling for it). Would that it were widely installed -- I'd use it in an instant!

On the second subject I mentioned, Peanuts: the Peanut Road site is up and all but there is very little there yet. In time, in time. I've also started a Peanut Road blog for announcements and news. Yes, I had a blog by that name before, where I mostly talked about recording. With any luck, I'll be talking about actual goings-on here at the house on Peanut Road eventually.


Anonymous said...

Want to fit more on a page? And be readable? Try this.

Arial Narrow, 11 point, bold

-lesle (in Tallahassee)

Stephen B said...

Ah, but it's not fixed width which is what I want for my lead sheets. I need the beginning of each bar to line up without resorting to tabs. Pretty much the same as writing code.

Of course, it also has to readable in dim light on a music stand while I'm trying to play! Courier in 12 point fills the need and is readily transferable to pretty much anyone else without looking 'wrong.'