Wednesday, July 21, 2010

YOU MIGHT know that I tend to avoid topicality in my songs and poems. Not entirely, of course -- sometimes a subject comes up that just can't be ignored. Especially if it can be turned to humor. But I do prefer to try for timelessness, universality and all that. Lately, I've even moved away from the word play I enjoy so much because I realize it may not mean anything to anyone in a few years. Much less to someone who speaks a different language.

That's certainly something I've learned from trying to read Symbolist poets in the French.

I've also eschewed politics and protest but, again, not completely. I really am more interested in the soul of mankind, the core of existence, than in who did what to whom in today's news. Having said that, here is a sort of 'protest song' I wrote about eight years ago. Note, though, that it does not name names nor place places.

Not Today

Do I stand tall? Am I proud?
Not today. Not today.
Will I cheer another war?
Not today, not tomorrow.
My weapons I have cast aside
Some yesterday, some long ago;
I will not pick them up again,
Not today, not today.

Who is the foe? Whom must we kill?
None today, none today.
Who will go? And who will die?
None today, none tomorrow.
Hide the truth while you can,
It will be seen someday soon;
I will not believe the lies,
Not today, not today.

I will stand tall, I will be proud,
Comes a day, comes a day.
When we all can live in peace,
If not today, then tomorrow.
Let my brother take my hand,
Let my sister stand by me;
I will not call them enemies,
Not today, not today.

Stephen Brooke ©2002

Just another song from the archives, as I continue to get them into order. Performable? Recordable? Maybe...

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