Saturday, August 14, 2010

THE FINAL round of voting for the Nashville Showcase has begun at The Alternate Root! Get on over there and cast your ballot for Mean Mary! Every day if you can! On different computers with different log ins! :)

Or if you just, for some completely unfathomable reason, don't like MM, the Mayhaws are an acceptable second choice.

Addendum, later in the day: Mary decided to withdraw from the contest so disregard. Unless you want to vote for the Mayhaws, of course.

* * *

Up to 160 songs formatted and filed as of yesterday. There are forty-some to go, some finished, some not quite ready yet, some still in development. I suppose there are poems and lyrics in my files (or on scraps of paper) that I've forgotten but might be worked up in time. Also a few parodies that I'm not counting. And I haven't even thought about the handful of instrumental pieces.

So, over 200 songs I've written (or almost written). Not a huge number, considering how long I've been at it but the majority of my ideas turn into poems, not songs.

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