Tuesday, August 03, 2010

FRIENDS, Family, Facebook: I have, at this moment (well, I didn't check this exact moment) 85 friends on Facebook. A manageable number, particularly in that half or so of them rarely post or interact much. Anyway, I decided to look at just who these friends might be.

A good two-thirds of them are involved in music some way, the vast majority being part (if only peripherally) of the Florida folk music scene. I know a lot of these people, some well, many not so well. Some I've seen performing but never interacted with them. Some I don't know at all, save through Facebook...but I'm reasonably interested in what they're up to. I was and still am, though rather inactive at the moment, part of that Florida Folkie community.

Almost a quarter of my FB friends are related to me. There is a small overlap with the previous group, but not much. It's a way to keep in touch with far-flung family that one wouldn't normally contact often. The same with the two former schoolmates and three former girlfriends on the list -- these latter also overlap the other lists, one being a musician.

And the other two belonging to the ten percent of friends who are artists, writers or other creative friends. The Facebook friend who lives closest to me would be my sister Carole, at twenty miles. The furthest, would be the Acoustic Eagle, a talented painter and writer in Australia. But thanks to the internet they're all the same distance away. :)

These groups of people are why I'm on Facebook, or any other social site. I'm not one to have random friends with nothing in common. Unless, of course, they're pretty girls...

(note -- I was going to attempt to post this on my Yahoo blog but it simply took forever to load and I gave up. This is one reason why I mostly stick with Blogger and Facebook these days -- they're relatively fast. Yahoo and, to a lesser extent, MySpace are way too slow loading on a dial-up connection to use regularly. Having a WordPress blog on my site was okay but it's easier to embed a Blogger page and quicker to edit or post. Any other sites just seem inadequate or too insular, like Multiply.)

* * *

I do love my big new powerful DR trimmer-mower! I can finally try to get the property here under control again. It's ideal for me, combining as it does a brush mower and a string trimmer in one piece of equipment. The only drawback is that one has to pause fairly regularly to replace the string. But that keeps me from working too hard and too long so it's all to the good!

I also am truly in love with my coffee press. I should've been making coffee this way all along. I'll save the drip maker for when I have guests and need extra coffee. Some call these little devices a 'French Press' but to me that has always been a certain movement in weight-training (basically a type of triceps exercise) so I won't use the name.

There will also be another new arrival at Peanut Road shortly (this afternoon or tomorrow) and that will be a Dell Zino computer. A refurb, naturally -- it's a better deal and, I suppose, one could say it's better for the environment to recycle the computers, eh? It's to replace my Mac Mini. The Zino looks like a Mini, intentionally.

The Mini, which is an old pre-Intel model running OS10.3.9, simply doesn't do the job on the internet anymore. It's not sufficiently updateable, using a technology that Apple has abandoned. Another reason why I'll probably never buy Apple again. It's going to be used offline mostly from now on, for writing, as a media server, whatever.

The Zino will probably become the new internet machine of choice, but we'll see just what it's capabilities are first.

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