Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'VE USED the free version of AVG antivirus for something like five years and in all that time it has never really found anything more malicious than tracking cookies on my computer(s). It makes me wonder whether AV software is necessary at all if one is careful online. Better safe than sorry though, eh?

Of course, the old Mac Mini never had any such program nor did it need it. I suspect that Windows 7 may be pretty safe too but I did install AVG. Big mistake. The program does not play well with the 64 bit platform. It was causing some crashes, apparently, and was definitely the culprit in Internet Explorer often going into a non-responsive mode.

Not that I use IE much but it is necessary for getting online with my dial-up Net Zero connection.

So I'm busy downloading Microsoft's free AV, 'Security Essentials.' I hope I'm not wasting my time, especially in that there's a fair chance I'll be reinstalling my OS to help clear up the many problems that have cropped up on the new Zino. We shall see.

* * *

In completely unrelated news, I finished working up song number two-hundred this morning. There are three unfinished pieces awaiting more work (the music mostly, lyrics are good) and, as usual, lots of fragments and ideas in my files. I do think I will place the lyrics online somewhere when I have all 203 ready. Possibly put the lead sheets online too, if only for safekeeping.

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