Thursday, August 05, 2010

The new Zino computer arrived yesterday. It would be nice to have a 'Zeno' model of PC -- a computer named after a Stoic philosopher would be a perfect fit for me.

The Zino may look like a Mac Mini but it is larger -- a couple inches each direction, for probably around three times the total volume (don't ask me to figure that out -- I could but I'm too lazy). It should do fine for an internet machine with occasional other tasks. It does not have the power of the Vista-running machine I reserve for recording, nor does it need it.

No sooner did I get it cranked up than we had a power failure -- a common occurrence here -- and it got messed up and would not boot up properly. Went immediately into sleep mode each time and would not leave it! I thought last night it would have to go back to Dell but this morning it let me start up in safe mode and everything seems to be fixed. Once I set the clock back about 85 years.

Speaking of power failures, sort of, I started up the recording computer this afternoon for the first time in months. It's a mess there in the 'salon' and I have not really had time to get in and do anything. Anyway, it ran fine for a few minutes and then shut off the video and started making continuous long beeps. I, of course, researched that on line as quickly as I could and realized the UPS I have it plugged into was the problem. Not getting sufficient power!

So I took it off the UPS and put it on a regular strip and all is well again. Whew! It seems likely that the battery was taking power that should have gone to the PC. I had never turned it on with the UPS before nor had I thought to install the software, which may or may not matter.

Oh, to my chagrin I had failed to notice that the Zino does not come with a phone modem. Never thought of it. Of course, I have to have one here so I'll be getting a USB modem shortly. Until then, no getting on line with new machine. This computer stuff is a botherment, isn't it? Maybe I should go back to writing letters on paper and recording music on tape...

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