Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A QUOTE, to start things off:

In today’s marketplace your single is little more than a business card and your album is just a resume. Both are extraordinarily important but both are just a loss leader for your business. Recorded music is now simply a means of promoting your live show and your songwriting and producing skills. ~ Rick Goetz

All too true, I reckon, and why 'piracy' is somewhat irrelevant, unless one is a big-name song writer who expects regular payments from ASCAP or BMI. That will probably never be me.

* * *

Continuing on the subject of recording, I have a fairly decent (though not particularly up-to-date) live recording set-up here that I have not been able to use for a few years now. I'm suspecting that when I eventually am able to travel again (and take gigs) I will not particularly be interested in doing any more location recording, at least not the bigger jobs I took in the past. Setting up in someone's living room for intimate recordings might be another matter.

* * *

This most recent bump on the open internet highway, the Google-Verizon thing, does not seem as 'evil' as many are making it out to be. But then, I don't use internet (nor anything else, for that matter) over the air so it doesn't really impact me (directly). I suppose it can be argued that it would set an undesirable precedent.

Really, we already have 'tiers' on wired internet use -- dial up versus the various levels of high speed. Those of us who use dial up (whether low income and/or rural and/or just plain cheap) are second class citizens when it comes to the net. There's no denying that those who spend more money get faster internet, right?

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