Tuesday, August 03, 2010

So here's another old song. I'm at about 130 organized and formatted now.


We owe it all to Linus Pauling --
He was the one to hear the calling
To carry out investigations
About our nutritional rations.
He recognized the fact that we
Need quite a lot of Vitamin C;
That it provides immunization
And gives the system stimulation.

Protects us from the common cold,
Even keeps us from growing old:
I do believe this vitamin
Could almost cure original sin!

When you feel down it well may be
Due to a lack of Vitamin C,
So don't forget ascorbic acid --
If you take too much you'll only pass it.
It always has seemed somewhat galling
That some would not listen to Pauling,
But I think that the wise man heeds
His estimates of our 'C' needs.

So healthy future generations
Should give thanks for his investigations.
Please remember Linus Pauling
And take your 'C' -- no more stalling!

Stephen Brooke ©1994

Of course, I play this song in C. Those middle four lines stand as chorus, the last four are an 'outro.' The whole thing is quite tongue in cheek...but I do take my C everyday!

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