Thursday, August 19, 2010

ZINO = ZERO? That's what I was thinking about the new (well, refurb actually) Dell Zino computer. It has been very erratic, lots of blue-screening (although the screen doesn't actually go blue but grayish). I tried various fixes, ran diagnostics on the memory which sometimes said there was a hardware problem and sometimes didn't.

So I decided to try cleaning/repairing the registry as sort of a last non-hardware fix. Many 'experts' claim this to be useless and potentially damaging; none the less, I Googled up a lot of information and ended up choosing two free programs, CCleaner and the older version of RegCleaner (which I had to run in XP compatability). It's probably a good idea to run two programs so one catches what the other misses. Both are downloadable via Major Geeks.

And, lo, I have had NO problems in the two days since running them. They cleaned out quite a bit of stuff, apparently including whatever was causing my problems. Lets hope things stay this way! I may just invest in the newer version of RegCleaner down the line but free seems to have done the job.

* * *

The song project is going more slowly as I'm doing more thorough writing/rewriting on the remaining pieces. Number 170 finished yesterday, my Going to the Springs song which had been lyrics only. If I were very ambitious I could still get it into this year's Spring Fest competition but the deadline is six days away and I can't even find an application form on their website. It's unlikely that I would get it recorded and submitted in time.

I do intend to get something recorded for this year's WillFest, however. The problem now is that I actually have too many Florida songs and don't know which to choose! :)

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