Friday, September 17, 2010

An exceedingly silly poem, or maybe song (though I couldn't imagine actually singing it anywhere) --


If I were to die today,
Go belly up, pass away,
Would you do one little chore,
Just one, please, and nothing more...

Delete all the porn on my PC!
It's stuff that no one else should see.
I wouldn't want those pictures to be
People's last impression of me.
The eager amateurs and the pros,
The ingenues and the ho's,
Get rid of them all, for who knows
Who might glimpse them women sans clothes!

If I were to shuffle off
This mortal coil -- I do have a cough --
Check the computers before you pack up;
both of them -- I always back up...

And delete anything that's compromising;
Search each folder, be enterprising!
Some at rest, some exercising,
Some doing things quite surprising,
There are more than a few, I must confess,
In various states of undress.
Delete them all, that is unless
You want copies -- then take 'em, I guess!

Stephen Brooke ©2010

Rattled this off quickly -- a very short time time between first inkling of a concept and finished piece. Btw, there is no porn on my computer so no one will have to come and erase it. Nothing racier than Renoir paintings.

1 comment:

Stephen B said...

Um, when I say 'nothing racier' I mean in the way of pictures. There are a few rather erotic stories I wrote abiding on my hard drive!