Thursday, September 16, 2010

From time to time, I work on getting my poems into order as I did with the songs. It's considerably less urgent but I'll plug along. Anyway, I may post something from the archives here occasionally. Such as this piece I reformatted this morning :

The Last Party

Scattered plastic chairs,
sterile white and gray
gone ruddy chiaroscuro
by the dying bonfire,

lay dark paths upon her lawn,
her fresh-mown fragrant lawn,
beneath summer’s stars.
Couple by lingering couple,

our guests hugged and farewelled
and welcomed me to the family
before flipping on headlights
and driving out of my life.

In the silent
emptiness of then,
I held her to me,
both of us too exhausted,

both a little too full
of Sam Adams --
her brother had brought
a keg -- to make love

that July night,
three weeks before
we said goodbye.

Stephen Brooke ©2002

* * *

Well, since I got rid of the Zino and got some money back, I decided to say the h-e-double-toothpicks with computers and ordered something I'd like: a Goldtone Baritone Banjo Uke. I'd been thinking maybe getting a tenor banjo but I think this will come a lot closer to suiting me.

I'm still not sure what my long-term plans for the banjitar will be. Maybe I'll just put it up for sale, though it is usable, in a limited way. For a guy who likes to play classical guitar much of the time, the strings are way too close together. The scale is too short, too, for the low strings to sound very good. I've taken to replacing the lowest string with a light high one making it, in essence, a six-string banjo rather than a banitar. Maybe I should just throw out one string altogether and use it as a five-string with wider string spacing.

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