Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I DID finish all 203 songs on which I was working, formatted and filed. That included three songs I wrote specifically for the possible musical play, 'Piratic.' There are several other sea songs that could fit, however. I do need to write at least one piece suitable for the female lead, maybe more -- the three I have are pretty much intended for the pirate crew (Piratic, Every Pirate Loves Booty, Why Do Wenches Wander?).

Anyway, I have the lyrics for all the songs in one large text file on line. If anyone's interested at all, they can read or download from this page on my site. As noted, I also have these formatted with chords for performance but -- generally -- not with musical notation. Nor have most been recorded. I must do one or both for archiving, when I've the time.

As well as doing some decent recordings for the WillFest Florida Song Contest and maybe even for an application to the Florida Folk Festival. Not to mention, actually recording a CD's worth of material for release. As time and duty permits...

* * *

The Dell Zino continues to be a pain, with frequent 'gray screen' crashes and other mishaps. I should have read up on it more before pulling the trigger on that oh-so-attractive price and look. It seems that there is very big problem with overheating on these machines and in that I've been operating it in the dead of summer heat in a house without AC it's not surprising it has that problem. Oh well. I'll keep working with it but I won't buy small and cute computers anymore. A big roomy tower is much less likely to give me such troubles. And be easier to work on!

I'm not that big on going Dell again, either. The best/most reliable PC I've ever had (which I'm typing on at this moment) is my Gateway, running XP. Too bad Gateway is no longer Gateway, though the reviews of their new machines (and others in the line, such as e-Machines) are pretty favorable.

* * *

On the general subject of computers, it bothers me (and maybe two other people in the world) that the mispronounced version of 'gigabyte' has become standard and is even given as the 'correct' pronunciation in dictionaries. It always should have been 'Jige -a- bite' rather that 'Gig -a- bite.' It's the same root as the word 'gigantic' and really ought to have been pronounced the same way. Alas, folks would give me decidedly odd looks if I so pronounced it.

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