Saturday, September 04, 2010

I GAVE up on the Dell Zino. Back to Dell it went, no replacement or repair please, I'll eat the 'restock fee.' Just take the POS and good riddance says I.

So I'm back on the Mac Mini, despite it's relative slowness, lack of up-to-date browser, etc. It can be trusted to do the job. Enough grief and wasted time. Eventually I'll get something else, probably. No hurry...I only grabbed the Zino because it seemed such a good deal. Ha.

As mentioned, I posted a text file with every finished song I've written at my web site. Revised three times since as I've been playing through stuff and finding little changes I wanted to make. Of course, I'll be writing more pieces and add them when they're ready.

Practicing more since I got them all worked up, too. I do hope to record some stuff very soon, if only live-in-the-living-room. The computer situation is making me rethink how I'll approach that now.

Cooler tonight, says the forecast. Cool (relatively speaking) is nice but rain would be nicer. No such luck for the next week or so, it seems. None the less, it is time to start setting out plants for the fall season. I've been digging out new beds and extending the old ones in preparation.

And spending time with a pitchfork turning over compost. I've taken to composting practically everything. Why flush perfectly good organic matter?

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