Sunday, September 12, 2010

I SAT down with the lyric ('Plan') I posted a couple days ago and knocked out a serviceable tune in practically no time. Another finished song, but not exactly one of the better efforts. A little too Henry Gibson-ish, no? But I'll keep a-goin' and keep a-tryin' and maybe write better stuff.

* * *

Watched a surfing contest on the tv yesterday (it came on after the gardening show I'd tuned in) and was, as usual, disappointed by the way surfers surf the surf these days. And it was a longboard competition, where I might have hoped for something more.

I blame it in part on the proliferation and standardization of multi-fin boards since the 70s. No one surfs with power anymore -- it's all flat turns, maintaining their trimming speed, rather than loading up and accelerating out of turns. No wonder most boards have some sort of concave bottom design now also, helping them skate through their turns.

I'm old school. Roundness on the bottom, one big honking fin. Use your weight and gravity to build speed from turn to turn. Get that board up on its edge!

It should be noted that flat and concave bottoms do not really allow one to plane (usually), despite claims by the designers. Surfboards simply do not go that fast; a displacement hull, i.e. a rounded bottom, is generally faster when surfing. Not that speed is particularly important and a really round bottom would be be too unstable to ride. Note though that racing paddle boards use them.

What the concave bottom does do is make the board both looser in those flat turns and more stable in a straight line. Thus the 'modern' style of surfing.

* * *

When I eventually am in a position to get out and about again, I should probably look to playing music with others -- a duo, a group. Not easy for me as I am very much focused on my own music. It's not easy to stop being the diva and be in a true partnership. Ha, that may be why I never married. Too determined to do things my own way!

By nature, I'm the front man. Lead vocalist (couldn't sing harmony if my life depended on it). Maybe lead guitar, in a bluesy idiom. Don't expect Steve to shred! Otherwise, I just hack away at a variety of instruments and couldn't be described as particularly proficient at any of them.

Ha, and the only time I ever dance is when I'm on stage with a band. Can't help it!

I haven't done any of this in a while. Not since my duo with Karen ('Shadows on the Swanee') had to call it quits over four years ago. When the time comes, I reckon. When the time comes.

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