Friday, September 10, 2010


I understand you have a plan
for everything you do,
But always knowing where you're going
gets you no place new.

You make your way, you never stray,
certain where life leads,
And keep your eyes upon the prize,
your mind upon your needs.

There's more to living than you know --
sometimes we reap more than we sow.
So don't plant all your dreams in a row;
give yourself some room to grow.

The road is long but there's no wrong
though it may twist and wind;
With every turn there's more to learn
and wonders new to find.

Don't fear to stray, you'll find the way
that is yours alone;
In the end you can depend
that it will lead you home.

Stephen Brooke ©2010

A 'simple' song (or lyric, to be honest as I've written no music yet nor do I hear any in my head at this point), with a fairly simple point. Too simple, quite possibly, but that's the way some ideas work themselves out.

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