Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I HAVE not been particularly creative recently, a couple of mediocre songs over the past month or so, a couple of mediocre poems. Having finished my get-the-songs-organized project, I've coasted for a while, worked some in the yard, spent a good bit of my time on my mom's care, of course.

So now I've started the big job of organizing the poetry as I did the songs. There is, it should be noted, a small overlap between the two but generally the songs and poems are two separate groups. A certain amount of rewriting is going on -- not a lot, which was a bit of a surprise to me. When I got into my older poetry a few years ago I found myself making many changes. As I did, for that matter, with the songs (again, the older ones especially).

It does seem that most of the stuff I've written in the past half-decade calls for little or no change; it's largely a matter of copying and formatting and filing. Maybe I'll start submitting pieces again. I have not done much of that lately. One magazine is holding some of my work and supposedly will publish eventually.

Some day, it is possible that I will publish another magazine (online, naturally) myself, but almost certainly not as long as I remain a caregiver here. I will not attempt anything like that until I can give it my full attention. Priorities!

* * *

I've been working some on the fall garden and planning for the next year. Put in a couple weeping willows out in front of the carport. When I moved here, that was a mud-hole from decades of driving and parking. I've filled it some with chunks of concrete and yard waste over that past four years but it's still low so it seemed a great place to plant a willow on either side. I may or may not ever park there or even let the drive run through. Shoot, I may just dig out a pond eventually, if I feel particularly ambitious. There's plenty of room along the one side for me to drive up to the carport myself and park.

Also been continuing to expand my beds. Shortly, I'll be putting in the bulbs for next spring -- it's still pretty warm and I wouldn't want them to sprout prematurely so I'll hold off till we get some real coolness. I'll transplant more trees when it gets cooler too. Looks like we may finally get some decent rain in about a week -- I've been out with the hose watering every day, trying to keep it all alive.

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