Sunday, October 10, 2010

I think I may have posted about half of this lyric five or six years ago (here or somewhere, maybe a Yahoo poetry group). Found it in my notes this morning and finished it off...sorta...


You can cozy up to the soundman,
Make the bartender your friend,
There's one and only one
You can count on in the end.
It's not the manager,
The waitress who thinks you're cute;
At the first sign of trouble,
They're all gonna scoot!

The bouncer! The bouncer!
The bouncer is the guy!
He's the one who's there
When beer bottles fly!
Compliment his muscles,
Give him a free tee-shirt,
And never treat him like dirt!

When the crowd gets ugly
As crowds sometimes do
He's the one to watch your back
And your frontside too.
There are occasions when
You just can't avoid a fight,
And in some places I've been,
Half a dozen each night.

The bouncer! The bouncer!
The bouncer is the man!
Don't take him for granted,
Be his biggest fan!
Treat him with respect,
Don't chat up his girl,
And be careful of your aim
If you have to hurl!

Stephen Brooke ©2010

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