Monday, October 04, 2010

We're only a week away (Oct 11) from my mother's 92nd birthday. Quite honestly, I did not expect to be celebrating it with her -- her health, physical and mental, was not promising a year ago. But she has done pretty well, all things considered. Became more active over the past half-year, less water retention/swelling, which means I've had to step up my 'child-proofing' efforts. At times it's like having a two year old around the house.

Her cognitive abilities, of course, continue to decline and she lives increasingly in the past. As long as I can keep her comfortable and properly nourished here, I will continue to be her care-giver. It looks like we'll have another Christmas together, after all.

* * *

Well, the last of the domains I had registered with Yahoo,, will be up for renewal in a month. If I decide to keep it, I will be moving to a different registrar, probably GoDaddy. Way cheaper.

Do I want (or need) Deadman Bay? It is, theoretically, the name of my 'record label' but that alone is not a great argument in favor of keeping it. Owning the name made more sense when I lived by the physical Deadman Bay, down in Steinhatchee. Interestingly, the name drives quite a few searches to my website but I doubt that the visitors actually have any interest in what is there!

* * *

If I want to send a performers application to the Florida Folk Festival, I need to do so within the next ten days. I'm doubting that I'll be able to put together an adequate entry, with live recordings, in time, nor do I know if I would be able to perform if I were (which is unlikely) accepted. Who knows where I'll be, care-giver-wise, next spring.

I still, however, will try to get a couple good recordings to the Best New Florida Song contest at the Will McLean Festival. I have until the end of the year to accomplish that.

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