Sunday, November 21, 2010

CONTINUING to catalog and format all my poetry, I'm closing in on somewhere around six hundred poems. Added to over two hundred songs -- allowing for some overlap -- that puts me around eight hundred total. My life's work, I guess, as 'author,' though there are a handful of short stories, one bad young adult novel and a partial fantasy novel. The latter could actually stand on its own as novella (and definitely needs rewritten, expanded, and then continued. Someday.). Oh, and all those articles I wrote for bodybuilding magazines way back when...that seems like another lifetime now.

I'm not including the short-form poetry in the total. Haiku, cinquaines, etc, etc. There are quite a few and, on reading through the collection, I am quite underwhelmed by them. I do think many should be expanded into some other form. I'm definitely not a haikuist!

The one short form I do feel I've done well with is the quinzaine. It just suits my way of thinking -- more French than Japanese, I suppose. It also lends itself well to sufi-like questions. The tanka I've written are a mixed batch, a few perhaps OK. I do like my sijo attempts, for the most part, but don't include them among the short form poems.

I will eventually have another chapbook out. Now and again I complete an illustration for it. This will (almost certainly) be a collection of my fantasy-oriented stuff. I'm really held back more by the need to create art than anything else. Just can't get myself settled down and working on illustrations these days.

And, after all, I should also be working on recording some songs. Also hard to get going on these days. Oh well. I have opened an account at SoundClick to put some of my music up. Nothing but one old 'classical' piece there right now.

Speaking of classical music (or whatever one would call these supposedly serious pieces I've written now and again), I've been looking for a notation program that suits me. I mostly write in a sequencing program (PG Music's Power Tracks) but it won't print out particularly useful notation. Does lead sheets well enough, though.

I suppose if I'm serious I should go for the pricey full versions of Sibelius or Finale. Sibelius is nice if one is working with Pro Tools for recording, as they somewhat integrate (both come from Avid). Indeed, there is a light version of Sibelius included in Pro Tools, I understand. I do have a less-featured version of Finale, and have also played around with the open-source free programs, Denemo and MuscScore. They're all decent enough. None of them are very good about importing midi from my sequences so I might as well just enter the notes one-by-one.

And if I'm going to do that, it also might be just as well to work with LilyPond, another free program that works sort of like html for music, i.e. it's text based. Denemo is actually a graphic interface for LilyPond. Oh well, it's not like I have time to fool with any of it right now.

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Anonymous said...

I think that if you set yourself the task, you'll get it completed. I know that sometimes I need to 'file' and sort to get the work straight in my mind. Of my artwork, I'll need good photos, as, once they're sold to someone you need a record of what you've done.

As for writing, sigh, that's what I really want to do but time and mental energy does not permit. I know it will happen, tho' because it's something that I really must do. The thing is that when time and circumstances do allow, to actually DO the work, regardless if it's still rough. The inspiration can flare and one has to seize it before the light dwindles.