Thursday, November 25, 2010


Work is my drug.
It helps me forget,
as all good drugs do.

That's really what you
want from that fix,
not happiness but

forgetfulness. Maybe,
just for a moment,
to leave the pain elsewhere.

Lose your self. That's
the thing, isn't it?
Work is my drug.

Stephen Brooke ©2010

Most of my structured poetry is more accentual than it is metrical -- which I think is perhaps more natural for English-language poems anyway. Two accents to the line here but there is a trimeter in each line as well. So call it what you will.

Okay, all poetry is structured in some sense or it wouldn't be poetry. Even if the only structure is line breaks or such. Repeated elements, says Annie Finch are what make a poem a poem.

Yes, I do lose myself in work as another might in drugs. I like my routine, which is why, on this holiday (the official beginning of my bah, humbug season), this bit of a thought came to me. Well, you all can have your four-day weekend but I expect you to be back at work, bright and early, come Monday morning!

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Anonymous said...

it's posts like these of yours, Stephen, that I'm reminded why we have remained contacts over these years. Work's been a bit like my drug too this year: some ill health and some other unwanted distractions but having my artistic services required has been beneficial to my overall well-being. Work's the thing keeping me focused right now and there's been good reward in it.

That's what I call xmas too, my 'bah humbug' season. Verbatim actually.