Friday, November 19, 2010

The gals all loved Eric Dane's beard
And cried when it just disappeared.
But when he stopped shaving
They started behaving;
In fact, some of them even cheered!

Yes, a silly limerick about an actor, who plays a popular character (Dr Mark Sloan) on a popular television show (Gray's Anatomy). I've sort of 'discovered' the show since they started airing weekend reruns of the older programs, though I've occasionally watched new episodes the last year or so. Mainly because there was nothing I cared for on other network tv (which is all I get now, with a rooftop antenna) in the same time slot.

Not CSI...never warmed to the show. GA is a bit silly at times and hardly favorite programming, but it does have reasonably compelling characters. There are only a handful of shows that I do tend to watch regularly. The Big Bang Theory, which is the only comedy that does much for me. Most of it's stablemates at CBS are, despite their apparent popularity, decidedly tawdry in my view. It says something about this country when Two and a Half Men remains one of the most popular shows on the air.

But I'm not going to lament the moral decline of America or anything like that. Mostly because I don't think they've declined, we're just more open about it. That doesn't mean I'm open TO it, however.

What else do I watch? My new favorite is Castle, which is certainly the most witty show on network television. I don't know how much of the audience actually gets all the wit and in-jokes -- I'm certain that I miss some! It's considerably better than the similar (sort of) The Mentalist (which can be entertaining enough). The 'parent,' concept-wise, of both shows, Bones, remains pretty good, thanks to its characters. And the weird science, which easily beats CSI and its ilk.

Ah, but now I have a movie channel of sorts, since THIS is being broadcast from Panama City. So if there's an old Pam Grier movie on, you know what's going to be on my screen. I do have my priorities!

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