Tuesday, December 21, 2010

IT BUGS me a little that pretty much everyone (in this country) speaks of the solstice as being the first day of winter. Aside from the fact that there is no 'official' beginning of winter in the US, it should be recognized that the solstice was not traditionally considered the start of the season. That seems to have been foisted on us rather recently.

When one thinks of it, the solstice should be the middle of winter -- the 'bleak midwinter,' as the Christina Rossetti's poem goes. It should also be noted that in those nations that do have an official start of winter, it is often the first day of December.

Oh well, no one listens to my wisdom. Their loss! :)

We had an unusual late lunar eclipse for this solstice. I can remember my very first lunar eclipse, in the November of 1956. It is a particularly strong memory because it coincided with the very first migraine I can recall having, at age six. The two will be forever entwined, me lying on the couch with throbbing head watching that blood-red moon. I don't much like lunar eclipses.

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