Monday, January 10, 2011

For the past five days or so, WRWA radio (the Troy State University station) in Dothan has been off the air due to a fire at their transmission site. Or, according to their website, broadcasting at very low power -- it comes to the same thing at this distance (around 30 miles) . This is the only public broadcasting station I can normally pick up here over the air (I have dial-up internet so don't listen to radio via internet) and my only source of broadcast classical music. Not to mention the various weekend music shows, such as Prairie Home Companion.

This would be no more than a minor irritation for me, as a listener, but it is one of the ways I have of keeping my mother entertained through the day. That makes it more of an inconvenience -- let's hope they're back on the air soon. In the mean time, I keep running through the CD collection. Maybe I should set the old Mac Mini up as a music server and let it play random music...yeah, when I have the time...

* * *

More cold weather coming! Maybe not quite as bad as the arctic spell last month, but close to it. I take some solace in the thought that this is statistically about the coldest time of year and it should -- statistically -- get warmer from here on. Here's hoping we don't get snow in February like last year.

At least winter didn't linger much last year. Spring weather (and summer as well) rolled in pretty quickly. I don't mind heat as long as there is also rain -- it could reach 90 every day and I wouldn't complain.

* * *

I haven't been sending out any writing since I had some stuff accepted by Scarlet Literary Magazine more than a year ago. I suppose it will publish someday -- looks like the plan now is to go online rather than print. Anyway, I did decide to enter some poems in The Southeast Review's competition this year. SER is the literary publication of Florida State University and therefore semi-local.

I'm not really big on contests, even though I've done rather well in them in the past. And I hate reading fees, naturally, being an impoverished poet. The three pieces I've chosen are, however, printed out and in an envelope ready to mail, along with my check. So we'll see how it goes.

I do know the gentleman (an instructor at FSU) who is judging writes in practically the antithesis of my own style. Very wordy, by my standards. Whether that matters, who knows?

* * *

I was reading that a lot of folks are opting to retire and collect their Social Security benefits at 62 recently. With the economy and unemployment as it is, this does make sense -- many of these people probably could not get a job as things are. This is a good thing, actually, as it removes them from the job market and leaves more for the other seekers of employment.

In just over a year, I'll be eligible to take early retirement as well. It's almost certain that I will; after all, I've not taken in much money the last ten years as I spent a great deal of my time as an unpaid caregiver for, successively, my father and mother. Whether Mom will still be with me in a year, who can say? If she is, the extra SS money would be welcome. If she isn't, I'd probably find it difficult to get much of a decent job with my lack of a recent employment record.

Of course, I will continue with the not-well-paying creative work. Indeed, I would eventually be able to devote much more of my time to it.

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