Saturday, January 22, 2011

I stopped to put a half a tank of gas in the truck a few days ago and was shocked by how the price had risen. I've been very much out of the loop on that, not having gassed up since July! I hardly drive anywhere these days, just up to Graceville for groceries at the Piggly-Wiggly every ten days or so -- a three mile drive.

For a good bit of the summer and autumn I was definitely burning more gas in the lawnmower than in the truck. That's something that will be starting up again fairly soon.

Actually, if there were not the need to get to the Pig and back as quickly as possible, I'd walk or ride the bike. Though I'd be a bit leery of biking on Peanut Road -- it's very busy at times, lots of trucking, and no bike paths or sidewalk areas. Obviously not a place to roller blade, either, something I used to enjoy.

It's been getting nice enough to get some yard work done. Got me a new 36 inch bow saw and have been pruning and sawing. I do need to get a professional in here, however, to remove my largest oak tree. It overhangs the house and is a disaster just waiting to happen. I'd have way more open yard space for garden or whatever if it were gone.

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