adventures in dysthymia

Saturday, January 15, 2011

WITHIN a month, I should be 'spring cleaning' and moving myself back into the rooms I've closed off during the coldest part of winter. That will include, probably, removing the drop ceiling I installed in the music room. It has not held up well and I would just as soon have the look of those open rafters. That does mean a certain amount of construction work on the upper walls...well, we'll see if time and money permits any of that.

Because a much more important concern is totally 'child-proofing' the place. The need for that was made obvious to me today when I walked into my mom's bedroom and found her with a mouthful of safety pins, chewing away. She simply cannot be trusted not to put small objects into her mouth now so I'll have to keep everything out of her reach. That may not be so easy in the office and studio areas and I can't just close and lock a door, as I need to be able to keep an eye on her. Not to mention, allowing air flow in hot weather.

But right now, another serious cold spell is just ending, the second one this winter with temps dropping into the low 20s. Maybe the last? I'm hoping so. In a month, I should not only be working indoors but perhaps starting on garden as well. Or at least, planting a few flats in preparation.

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