Thursday, February 17, 2011

Carmen Carmela is a 'traditional' (i.e. of anonymous origin and in the public domain) Spanish song. The various English translations, however, are copyrighted. Now, if I found one I particularly liked that might not matter to me but I can't say any version has impressed me.

So, naturally, I decided to do my own translation. This is not overly close to a direct word-for-word translation of the original though I think it reasonably true. And the language is, well, my sort of language so it sounds right to me when I sing it!

The song consists of a chorus and two verses:

Carmen Carmela

Carmen Carmela, light of my world,
Without your sunshine, I cannot live.
Wonderful sunrise, dawning of promise,
fill all my days with the love you give.

The fading light of the sunset
leaves only dark skies at the end of the day.
Without your sun in my heavens
my life is empty, every hope fades away.

Precious treasure of my heart,
ever be with me, be my light from above.
There is no beauty in gardens,
no bloom as lovely, as the sun of your love.

translation by Stephen Brooke © 2011

* * *

A tad of news -- I mentioned a post or so back the idea of a magazine someday or something literary anyway and I threw out the 'arachis' name. Well...I decided I might as well actually grab the name as a domain as a little extra incentive to get myself going. Eventually, at least.

Also, I've kind of moved past that silly 'Nihil Crocodile' name I've been using for publishing so I'm jettisoning it in favor of The Arachis Press. That will be when I get it online in a day or two. Arachis, as I'm sure I mentioned before, is the genus name for the peanut and I am, as you may know, situated on Peanut Road. Arachis is also a seed, in Greek, so I'm planting a seed here, I hope! If or when I attempt a magazine again it can probably share the domain with the publishing.

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