Friday, March 18, 2011

Mama, Don't You Know Me?

Mama, don't you know me?
I'm your daughter, I'm your son.
Mama, don't forget me,
I will be the one;
The one who is here for you
until our journey's done.
Mama, don't you know me?
I'm your daughter, I'm your son.

I have never left you,
I keep life's door ajar,
and I remember when you
forget all that you are.
I will be your anchor,
should you drift too far;
Here I will stand steady,
I'll be your North Star.

Mama, don't you ...

Your pale wondering eyes
see only yesterday;
I have lived in tomorrow
too long to know the way.
But I'll keep one light burning
and here I will stay,
and one name in my heart
each time that I pray.

Mama, don't you ...

Stephen Brooke ©2011

What with being a caregiver being the major focus of my life recently, it's not surprising that I'd eventually pop out a song about it. Yes, it's a bit maudlin but what do you expect, given the subject matter?

There are a few poems I've turned out over the past ten years or so that relate to this in some degree, including the 'award winning' My Name (available in my chapbook, Pieces of the Moon), but this is the first song. Admittedly, it's pretty much only a lyric right now -- I simply wasn't hearing the music this time but I will eventually work it out.

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