Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Soldier Gives

The soldier gives us freedom,
the soldier takes our freedom;
who will give us freedom
from the soldier?
The soldier comes to save,
the soldier will enslave;
no freedom but the grave
from the soldier.

Problem and solution,
true believer still;
murderer and martyr,
to be killed or kill.
Loyal to the vision
of peace when all is done,
but the war to end wars
was long since lost and won.

The soldier gives... etc.

Heart is full of love
for the motherland,
calling him to crimes
he'll never understand.
No patriotic hymn
gives a reason why
he chooses to march on,
willing still to die.

The soldier gives... etc.

Stephen Brooke ©2011

I know, Buffy Sainte Marie already covered this concept quite nicely in Universal Soldier. Too nicely, maybe -- I've tried to write something a little harder-edged here. I like BSM's song and play it occasionally (of course I first heard it in the Donovan version). Sometimes I tackle her Piney Wood Hills, too -- great song.

Anyway, my song here is intended to be somewhat more rock, more driven. Music is in progress -- I have the chorus part down, need to work on the verses. Btw, the Red Cougar song I posted a couple days ago is complete, music-wise.

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